Motorcycle Accident Claims

What to do if you’ve been injured in a motorbike accident

There are many excellent reasons to ride a motorcycle: convenience, fuel efficiency, or simply recreation. Motor cycle accident claims are made when someone is unfortunate enough to get into an accident with another vehicle because the chances of being physically injured tend to be higher and the injuries tend to be more severe.

If you ride a motorbike and you’ve been injured in a collision with another vehicle—or while manoeuvring to avoid another vehicle.

Our dedicated team of motorcycle accident compensation solicitors understand the issues and complexities that vulnerable road users such as motorcycle riders face every day.

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, we are here to help.

How can we help?

We are specialist motor vehicle accident lawyers who provide legal representation to all areas of personal injury claims. This means we can help to claim injury compensation from your motorbike accident if you are not entirely at fault. When we meet, we will considerate your circumstances and your goal. We evaluate your motorcycle accident claim from all possible angles and determine the best way to get you a fair compensation settlement for your motorcycle accident claim.

Foyle Legal take on all qualified motorcycle injury claims on No Win No Fee basis. This means you don’t pay for our legal costs unless we win your motorcycle accident compensation claim, and you will benefit from the professional representation from our team of specialist motorcycle accident lawyers in Perth.

Don’t be intimidated by insurers, claim offers, and their lawyers.

Please contact us now if you would like to speak to a solicitor in confidence about making a claim for compensation.