Head and Brain Injuries


Head injuries are among the most common causes of adult injury and death. The injury may be as mild as a scrape, bruise, or cut on the head, or may be moderate to severe in nature as a result of concussion, deep cut or open wound, broken skull bones, or internal bleeding and brain damage.
A head injury is a general term that describes a wide variety of injuries occurring in the head to the scalp. Depending on the severity of the head trauma, head injuries are often generally referred to as brain injury, or traumatic brain injury.


The amount of compensation you receive for head or brain injury will depend on:

  1. The seriousness of your injury
  2. How it has affected your life
  3. How much income you have lost or will lose in the future (lost earnings)
  4. What care and support you need.

How can we help?

Everybody is special, and the effects of an injury to the head or brain vary from case to case. Our brain injury attorneys offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case and provide you with an estimate of how much compensation you might get. The benefit of using a professional attorney for head injuries is that they have expert experience of this form of injury, and will respect your claim to get you the highest possible payout. Clients whose lawsuit has been handled by less qualified attorneys who have undervalued the amount of money to which their clients are entitled are frequently asked to take over the cases.


Head or brain injury claims usually need to be made within three years of the accident or incident that caused your injury. Whether you or a loved one have sustained a head injury it is best to get as soon as possible specialist medical advice. As well as ensuring that you don’t miss your opportunity to sue, contacting our brain injury lawyers early ensures we can obtain insurance for you faster, allowing you to make the best possible recovery.


Brain injuries need medical advice and it can also take many years to settle complicated lawsuits. It takes time to realize how much you will heal, and how much money you are entitled to.
Brain injury claims usually follow these stage process:

  1. Find out which one is responsible for the accident:
    They need to first find out who is responsible for seeking compensation. We’ll do so by collecting facts and contacting the group responsible to ask them to acknowledge the accident’s fault.
  2. Assess your injuries:
    We will be using qualified medical professionals to consider the effect the injuries would have on the life. You will need one of our company contact managers to determine the treatment needs and benefits entitlements.
  3. Rehabilitation:
    If the other party takes the responsibility for the accident we will seek to get an early award of compensation. This funding would help pay for the introduction of further recovery. If you’ve finished your recovery we will figure out the final amount of insurance you need.
  4. Review your injuries after rehabilitation:
    We’ll ask medical experts to re-evaluate your injury and to report on your progress. This will give us a better view of your needs for the future.
  5. Calculate compensation:
    We need time to determine the actual amount you will get to ensure you are not under-compensated for your injury. How much compensation you get will depend on the above four variables and your earnings loss.
  6. Out of court hearings, or court trials:
    Most lawsuits are settled out of court but a court charge always typically has to be made. The argument is monitored by filing to the court, and must run to a set timetable. If your case needs to go to court, our seasoned attorneys are there to help you.
  7. Final compensation:
    You get your compensation; but how you get it depends on how you are able to handle your financial affairs. To better handle this money we will give you expert investment advice. Whether you or a loved one cannot handle their financial affairs, our Court of Protection department will be of assistance.