Cycling Accident Claims


A cycle accident is any injury that takes place involving you and your bicycle. It could involve a car, some other type of vehicle, or potentially another cyclist. Cyclists have a legal right to be on the road, but many drivers can become impatient when stuck behind one. This can sometimes lead to some dangerous driving manoeuvres, and potentially an accident.

Many factors can contribute towards a cycle accident. In addition to the other road users, the road conditions always need to be considered. Potholes in a road tend to occur towards the outer edges, where most cyclists ride. This requires them to then move away from the edge and closer to the middle of the lane which can be a far more dangerous place for them to be.

If there have been some adverse weather conditions, this could also prove to be a problem for cyclists. A poorly draining road could have standing water that creates an unsafe surface for road bikes and conceals hazards that would otherwise be avoided. Any of these could lead to a cycle accident that could cause significant injuries.

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Personal injury law have a statute of limitations applied to them. This means that the claim must be opened within three years of the accident to be able to progress. Though it can be difficult to relive some of the memories of the accident, it can bring you some much-needed closure in the long-term.

There are some exceptions to the statute of limitations. One of the major ones you need to consider is for children. A parent or guardian can make a claim for a child on their behalf if they are under 18. Otherwise, the statute of limitations begins on the claimant’s 18th birthday, meaning that they have until they are 21 to file a claim.

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