Amputation and Loss of Limb


Amputation is the surgical removal of a whole or part of a limb or extremity, such as an arm, leg, foot, shoulder, toe or finger. About 1.8 million Americans suffer amputations. Leg amputation be it above or below the knee is the most common amputation procedure.


There may be several reasons why an amputation is required. The most common of these is impaired circulation due to artery damage or narrowing, called peripheral arterial disease. Without enough blood supply, cells in the body can’t get oxygen and nutrients from the bloodstream that they need. As a result, the tissue that has been infected starts to die and infection can set in.

How can we help?


Whether you or your family have sustained a limb injury due to under-standard medical treatment, our team of specialist medical negligence lawyers will help you pursue an insurance claim. They can ask questions before they advise you on the best next steps to gather more information about the accident and the injuries sustained.
For all the amputation cases, you need to show that the loss of limb was due to a person or group’s negligence, the defendant in the case. You may need to gather evidence to support your argument for that and this may include:

  • Hospital history, and papers describing the injuries and amputation explanations
  • Witness comments by emergency practitioners and others at the incident scene
  • Tax records and documents showing any missed earnings
  • Photographs of the injury, the site of the incident, any appliances, vehicles or objects connected with the amputation cause


Our attorneys are working diligently to obtain the highest potential compensation for our clients as well as early recovery payments and professional rehabilitation where possible in order to provide our clients and their families in financial stability and peace of mind.


Adjusting to a new way of life requires practicalities like modified housing and prothetics, and also long-term physical and psychological treatments. Our lawyer will ensure that you have the right adaptations in place to achieve the best quality of life.
Our support includes:

  • Rehabilitation physically and mentally
  • Your switch to suitable properties or the alteration of existing properties to ensure your health and comfort
  • Specialist equipment and services tailor-made to your needs
  • Daily treatment, assistance, and aid
  • Healthcare and private treatment
  • Best prothetic technologies like Osseointegration, if necessary.


We recognize that the re-adjustment process would be a difficult one-not only for the amputee but for their families as well. Amputation insurance is meant to help make this simpler and to ensure that you can lead a life as normal as possible. The amount awarded varies depending on the loss of the limb(s), severity of the injuries and impact on the life of the amputee.

A vital part of the life of an amputee is the need for appropriate prostheses to allow them to experience a return to their pre-accident activities and lifestyle, as far as possible. As well as state-of-the-art day-to-day prostheses, our clients have had the advantage of water and exercise limbs to allow them to return to sports such as skiing, rowing, rugby play and swimming.

We must receive expert reports that understand the particular client’s prosthetic needs, both in the near future and in the long term. We take your particular needs and expectations into consideration too.
The insurance for the amputation can also be used for:

  • Loss of earnings
    Either due to a loss of limb for a specified period of time off work to heal or not being able to return to full-time employment.
  • Re-training
    To promote a new profession or to help ensure that your former employer makes the necessary changes to encourage your return to work.
  • Rehabilitation
    Costs of physical therapy and medical assistance
  • Accommodation changes
    The expenses of adaptions to your home or moving to more suitable housing will be included in the claim.
  • Travel expenses
    To any therapy and rehabilitation sessions.
  • Physical and emotional pain and suffering.


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