Accidents in public places

Have you suffered an injury as a result of a slip or trip in a public place? If so, you may be entitled to compensation.

We have a wealth of experience regarding claims for a range of injuries which result from slips and trips – minor bruises, broken bones or worse. Contact us for advice on making a claim – whether you have tripped over loose pavement in the street or slipped on some spilled milk in a supermarket.

What is classed as an accident in a public place?

“Accidents in a Public Place” covers a very broad spectrum of circumstances.

Our team of local Personal Injury Solicitors can help you with the following:

  • Slips, trips or falling objects
  • Accidents in private or rented properties
  • Accidents when in a supermarket or shopping centre
  • Accidents in a pub or restaurant
  • Injuries when using playground equipment or in a park or public garden
  • Injuries occurring when staying in a hotel
  • Accidents at a holiday park in the UK
  • Injuries from dog bites

To find out more about what we can and cannot help you claim for as well as lots of other useful information about the process, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page here.

How can we help?

What to do if you have an accident in a public place?

Our team have prepared some top tips if you do have an accident in a public place.

  • Take photos
  • Record names and testimonials from witnesses
  • Report it
  • Seek medical attention etc

Let us assist you with investigating whether you are entitled to compensation.
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