Failure To Prevent Suicide Claims

An individual can take their own life, or attempt to do so, for many different reasons but often there are often mental health factors involved. Individuals experiencing suicidal feelings may be struggling with difficult emotions related to inadequacy or despair as well as a multitude of other issues. Seeking help is a big step as it can be difficult to express the feelings and emotions that are being experienced. It is therefore crucial that when medical staff are presented with a patient who is displaying symptoms of suicidal ideation or intent that appropriate referrals and treatment are provided.

The impact on family and friends when a loved one attempts or commits suicide can be devastating. Additionally, the injuries sustained as a result of a suicide attempt can be life changing including spinal and brain injuries.

How can we help?

Clinical negligence claims can be made by people or their relatives where the person who attempted or committed suicide was under the supervision of a health professional. These claims normally involve a failure to act and can include:

  • Failure to react when someone displays signs or symptoms of distress
  • The failure to react to requests for help
  • The failure to make appropriate or urgent referrals
  • The failure to appropriately supervise someone who is at risk
  • The failure to make regular observations in a hospital setting when a patient is at risk of suicide.

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